Flourishing In Schools

Attending to strengths and positive outlooks can increase resilience, vitality, and happiness and can decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. Learning how to transfer these findings for use in school environments promises great benefits and payoffs


Purpose of the Research

Explore well-being in schools from a positive organizational perspective. Explain how it is that some schools and people within schools flourish.


Research Activities

We will partner with schools to design research activities that meet current needs, interests, and activities.



Interviews, focus groups, and surveys to collect the qualitative data about what works well and makes us come most alive in our work.


Guiding Research Principles

Authentic partnerships and a strengths-based, appreciative, positive perspective. Sharing our learning in ways that reflects, informs, and inspires flourishing in all schools.


Defining Flourishing

With our findings we hope to offer a definition of flourishing that highlights the benefits accrued from attending to what makes us most come alive in our work as educators.



Aim to create a set of indicators, tools, or instruments for noticing, nurturing, and sustaining flourishing in schools


Funding Sources

Generously funded by The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. SSHRC is a federal agency that promotes and supports post-secondary-based research and training.



Early Findings

From a pilot study, we have learned that purpose, passion, and play are characterizing values of flourishing in the work of leading learning in schools.


Institutions And


Our research is supported by the University of British Columbia and the University of Saskatchewan. Funding is generously provided by SSHRC.

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3 Year Project

During 2015 we are building on foundational work highlighted in several publications by Cherkowski and Walker.