One of our main objectives is to share and develop a flourishing community of those who wish to share their insight. We are researching to be able to explain how it is that some schools and people within schools flourish. We will share knowledge of the measurability, transferability and sustainability of flourishing schools for use with practitioners and policymakers. As well we will generate a virtual, open access network to further the research and development on flourishing in schools.

Please contact us if you would like to participate. We will be conducting surveys as well as collecting ideas and stories from educators.

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Flourishing Schools: A Modest Introduction

By Keith Walker, Sabre Cherkowski

This monograph is intended for teachers, school administrators, parents, and school learning communities who wish to give attention to that which is working for them AND to get more of the same. We are meant to flourish and when we do, in the context of schools and student learning, wonderful things happen!


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Our research is supported by the University of British Columbia and the University of Saskatchewan. Funding is generously provided by SSHRC.

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3 Year Project

During 2015 we are building on foundational work highlighted in several publications by Cherkowski and Walker.